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Middle Cutting Machine

Use new screws screws combined with chain transmission, avoid wire tip part and inward bending of plate collision, cutter wheel drive, auto focus at both ends, it ends in an automated shred does not produce pressure and resistance, very well protected already sharpened hooks Bill. This machine may be a maximum cutting diameter of 2.94mm, larger diameter does not need cutting, cutting head directly on the straightening machines.
Cutting head flat and smooth, please look at the pictures below:

Automatic hook-cutting machine performance and stability, precision cutting head well, basically cutting of wire length:250mm max. wire diameter:0.20-3.0mm.
Wire material:general steel, carbon steem, usually use #80 #70 steel.
Feature:wire steel was to be cut by middle,devided into 2 pieces with equal length. the cross section is top smoothly and clearn.
This Grinding Sharp machine is full automaticlly working easy control.
Technology parameter:
Rate Power:700w
Electric Voltage:220v or 380v
Speed: 1400RPM
New machines free door-to-door guidance in China, exported remote video or technical support to ensure that customers do not worry about the consequences of. Products equipment lifetime technical support. Or welcome to our factory for free.
It quickly learn to understand the drivers, and newcomers can operation within a short time.
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