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Grinding Machine

Auto Grind Hook Machine is one of fish hook machines. main funcation to make sharp for hook top.

1.Automaticly working,steable funcation.

2.sharpening length range:0-20mm

3.Wire length range:20-200mm

4.Packingage:103MM X 75MM X 125MM

5.Gross Weight:250kgs

6.Grinding Stone,technology parameter:

1)Useing age:300hours

2)Product capacity:30pieces per mintues

3)Size:face x diameter:100mm x 300mm

4)Turning speed:2600RPM

7.Component:motor,grinding stone,wire,chassis


Power rate:1000W

Electic Voltage:220V or 380V

All good with Strong and suitable for long-distance overland shipping transport. our product quality is the first one in China. annual output is 300sets of fish hook machines. Also we can make bigger and smaller machine according to specially requirments. welcome you to visit us!!!

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