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Prior to purchase
If you are a beginner, or operating such machinery had never been exposed to before, don't worry, under our proposals to deal with, you will still be able to quickly learn and understand the drivers of my principles.
Funding, can consider our complete equipment to make a hook line, so you can wire from raw materials to the final presentations of the hook of one-stop complete, only 5 sets of equipment to form a preliminary manufacturing process, in theory can produce almost all single hook hook products.
Of course depending on the types and sizes of hooks, 5 sets of equipment may increase or decrease, such as the production of large sizes (2.0mm size) can be simplified to just 3 sets of devices (HTFHM003/004/005)
If you know anything about my drivers or hands-on experience, you can purposefully choose to purchase any of these machines. Each of our sets of equipment could constitute a production line, separate can also operate independently, fulfil their respective processes
This set of production line equipment, easy to learn, not complicated, for you before you use the factory for production of standard debugging, started production without replacement parts!
If you do have different sizes of hooks is relatively large, proposed an additional also is equipped with a device (typically, HTFHM005 hook forming machine is the most widely used)
This website is a basic introduction, if you're still a little knowledge, please call or email us to ask. Welcome to visit our factory!!! Free accompany you to know our machines look!